Thursday, November 12, 2009

Excuse my absense

Sorry I've been MIA the last few days. We had to take my 6 year old son to the ER Monday night. He hadn't been feeling real well before school that day. It was just the sniffles, so mean mom that I am, I made him go to school anyway.
He was fine all afternoon after he got home, then about 8pm or so he developed this barking cough. Really. Barking. The only way I can describe is it sounded like a sea lion. It was weird. Anyway, he went to sleep just fine, but then woke up just before 10pm wheezing and gasping for breath. And coughing. Scared. The. Heck. out of us. He kept saying he couldn't breathe:-( His poor little lungs. It just breaks your heart to see your baby in pain like that :*(
So we rush him to the ER, they see he can't breathe well & he's taken right back. The Dr. takes one look at him, hears him cough, and says "Oh yeah, he has croup."
So they give him some orapred and do a breathing treament, and he's MUCH better. Enough to ask if he can play the playstation they had in the room. At 11pm. Yep, that's my boy! * Insert sarcasm here*
So he's stayed home the last 2 days driving me crazy because he's a horrible patient;-) He couldn't stand the needing to rest part.
But now he's back at school and things hopefully will get to normal. We're praying that our daughter doesn't get it next. She's only 2 so the thought of her having that horrible cough scares me to death:-(

I have a new quilt in progress that I want to show you and I will as soon as I snap a few pics.

And the quilt that I made my aunt that has cancer that I showed you back here was recieved and very loved. It turns out that it came at a great time because my aunt had just received news that the cancer has spread the day before:( Apparantly it is in her blood stream, if I am understanding correctly, and it can go anywhere from there. So she will have to do chemo, or radiation. Or both:( She says she has been snuggling with my quilt though, and I just hope it brings her some comfort. If you would pray for her recovery, I would be extremely grateful.

Well, that was a long winded post. If you've made it this far, thank you & check back this week for pics of my new projects:-)

God Bless,


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Jennifer Paganelli said...

It's my favorite thing to do!! I am happy to pray!! all my best, Jennifer