Sunday, December 13, 2009

A very Disney Christmas & a sneak peek

I just love Disneyland at Christmas time. Nowhere else that I have ever been comes close. Disney just knows how to do the holidays. It's magical. This is their tree. A 60+ foot perfectly shaped tree and loaded to the brim with colorful lights and ornaments. You can't miss this thing. It towers over the park.
And the smells. Disneyland has always had it's own unique smell, especially Main Street, where most of the shops are, the smells are to die for! I swear they pump this stuff out through special vents just to drive you crazy.
And to make you spend more money, of course;-) Popcorn, kettle corn, corn dogs, ice cream, coffee, waffle cones. Yummmmmmmm.

Cinderalla's Castle:



                                                    "It's a small World"

 I think this is the most decked out of all of disneyland. They go ALL out for this ride. It's totally changed inside too. Pictures can't do this justice. It's just beautiful.

And my kids: The best part of everything that Disney has to offer. Their smiles:-)

Now, a little peak at what I'm working on:

I just got the backing for this, then I realized I was out of batting. Joann's had it on special, so of course, it was sold out;-) Now I'm on the hunt for some warm and white before my Christmas deadlines. Eeeek!!

Have a relaxing and peaceful week!

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Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

How fun -- you got to go to Disney at Christmas time! Those smiles are priceless! Love your zig zag quilt, too. Hope you find that batting!