Friday, April 9, 2010

Some cuteness for your day

My mom has been taking care of a stray kitty that bravely kept coming into her yard. (She has a 140lb Rottweiler)! Said kitty, who is no more than 9 months old maybe, disappeared for a few days a couple months back. When she came back, the poor thing looked like she'd been hit by a car, or in a horrible fight. My mom wanted to take her to the vet, but kitty wasn't having any of that, being picked up and such. She healed eventually, but she looks to be blind in one eye now :-( No, this isn't the cute part, I'm getting there though, promise! ☺
So fast forward 2 months or so, and little kitty, who we thought was a boy, is all girl! She had kittens on top of my mom's shed in the backyard. 5 little bundles. Oh so stinkin cute! It was still cold out and we worried about having them up on the shed, so my mom brought Mama and her babies inside and she adjusted beautifully to being inside. It's weird, but she's gotten so much sweeter and calmer since coming inside. She used to not let my kids anywhere near her, and she doesn't mind them at all now. She goes to them, rubbing up against their legs for attention. Weird. Anyway, here they are, as named by my kids:
                                                                  Captain Jack(Sparrow)
The Mad Hatter
And Mama, the Orange, not Red, Queen (From Alice in Wonderland):

They are 9 days old now and just started opening their eyes. Awwww.

And so he won't feel left out, here's my kitty, who will be 11 next week:

He was thrilled the kids put him in this Easter basket on Sunday. Seriously. Doesn't he look it? That poor cat is so tolerant. He'll let them do anything to him. Or maybe he's just lazy. I don't know. The jury is still out on that one.  LOL.
Well, if you've read this far, thank you! And if you just skipped it all to look at the pictures,well, that's ok too ;-)
I'll be back later with my Charming goals and some Easter pics.
Have a great weekend everyone!


Mandy said...

So sweet! I'd love to have a kitten... I think having my own place would be a better idea first lol.

annieb said...

Love your cute pictures...very unsual colourings for the kittens, and great names.