Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ha Hee Ha-Chooooo!

Ok, now who can tell me where that is from in the title?


I feel a bit like him right now except it's not cold here in So Cal. It's hot and I'm sick. The Ha-Chooing is what I've been doing all day and my poor nose looks a bit like Rudolph.

But, I have managed to get some sewing in. I'm working on the Charming Friends Quilt Along blocks right now, and on my short list of things I need to get done asap is finishing my schnibbles for the contest, finish piecing the blocks for my A la mode quilt top,

 which is being sent to Natalia to work her feather magic on, and finish piecing the blocks for a patriotic quilt that's been in progress for far too long. I really want it done by July 4th, but I may not make that deadline.

So, what's on your worktable right now?

Btw, I was referring to Chilly Willy,

 a cartoon character from the 50's. I'm 30 but I remember watching this show. I always loved his high pitched voice ;-)


Dandelion Quilts said...

That quilt is going to be darling. That is a lot of HST.

Mandy said...

I love Chilly Willy! There's a corner store here called that too!

I'm actually hosting a giveaway now if your interested ;)

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Hope that you are feeling better soon - Chilly Willy - what a Cutie! I love your Ala Moda block - that's going to be so pretty! So much to do and so little time with all that QADD (LOL)!!