Friday, September 3, 2010

Charming girl finishes!

Well, what is that saying? A day late and a dollar short? That's me. LOL. Definitely didn't get everything I wanted accomplished. Oh well, there's always next month☺

Here were my goals for the months of July\August:

1. Keep up with my quilt alongs:

Jelly Roll Sampler QAL- Nope, I still need to finish up on these.

AmandaJeans's QAL-No, didn't do any of this either:(

Summer Star QAL-YES, I finished all the blocks, including the center medallion. I need to order the inner border fabric for around the medallion. Looking at it now I really wish I had more of the red fabric to have done the center star instead of the sea green. I think it looks washed out. What do you think? Should I tear it apart and re-do it or leave it as is?

2. Get my pinwheel Sampler quilted.- No. I still need to find backing for this beast.

3. Keep working out everyday with my hubby. We started P90x 2 weeks ago now and are loving it! -YES, I've only missed a few days ☺ It's very, very challenging but so much fun. I'm disapointed in that I've only lost 2 lbs since starting( I was really expecting alot more weight loss) but I have lost more than 20" all over my body, so that is something!

4. Finish up my between charming friends quilt- No. Again, I need to order more fabric for this one too.
5. Quilt and bind my Schnibbles quilt for the contest-Yes.


annieb said...

Getting one quilt quilted and binding done would be an accomplishment in a month for me, so good for you!

Madame Samm said...

You are working on your charming your black and white quilt...very lovely..something about black and white that makes is striking...thanks so much for your comment over at Quilt Taffy..I had no way of letting you know as the comments don't come directly to me...blessings, so appreciate it charming lady samm p.s new follower too.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

You did really well - I love the quilt you're making! So very pretty - and I like the center block! Great job!