Monday, January 5, 2009

What a mess!

For Christmas, I took it upon myself to make stockings for Dh, the kids, and me. I never found fabric that I liked for it though. I really had wanted to do them in a nice velvet or something but I couldn't find any. And the cottons I looked at were just too busy for my liking since I wanted to embroider on them too. Heh. I was ambitious. What can I say?

Well, at the last minute( literally! The day before Christmas Eve!) I gave in a bought some cheapie felt stockings from Target, figuring that I could at least put some pretty embroidery on them and make them do for this year, right? Ugh.

I decided to just do our names on them in a nice simple chain stitch. Darned if the cheap little things didn't start ripping on me! I fiished them but sheesh, what a hassle and needless to say, they won't be making a return next year. So note to self: PLAN AHEAD! I'll be starting much earlier this year and hopefully I'll be able to make some herirloom quality stockings for the family!

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