Thursday, July 9, 2009

Old Red Barn Quilt Along Quilt #2 and my new machine!!

It's all basted and ready to quilt, but I have been dragging my feet starting on the actual quilting. I think I am a little skeered of what happened last time. See, I have a brand new machine. I had to buy one because I killed my older one. No seriously i did. I think I over-worked the poor thing to death and it finally had enough of me. ;-)This is my new machine-

It's the Brother PC-420PRW. It's a very nice machine and I think it is safe to say I am smitten with it:-) It has so many nifty features-
*Automatic Thread Cutter. Man, I love that thing!
* Start/Stop Button. I don't have to use the foot petal. Ever. YAY!!
*294 different stitches
*Super Quiet
*Easy Peasy to use even straight out of the boxI could go on and on:-)
Now, I know this was likely my fault, but when I was done quilting my daughter's quilt, I could not get the feed dogs back up. This freaked me out since one of the problems I had on my old machine was raising/lowering the feed dogs. I'm guessing I am doing something wrong but I can't think what. This was the first time I had quilted on this new machine, but what are the chances that 2 different machines would have the same problem, right? It must be me. If anyone has any idea what the problem could be please let me know!Anyway, I did finally get them raised and have been sewing quite nicely on it since, so who knows what happened. All I did was raise and lower the needle and the feed dogs raised all by themselves.So after that long winded explanation of my quilting fears, I should go and start now.
As Tigger would say TTFN Ta Ta For Now:-)


Jodi@SimplyThisThat n.. said...

Your Quilt Along quilt is fabulous! LOVE the colors.

Crafty Mama said...

Thank you!