Thursday, September 17, 2009

9 patch is finished!


This has been a work in progress for several months now.
I orignally started with AmandaJean and her 1st round of the 9 patch quilt along.  You can still join in round 2, going on right now. I got the top done in time, but didn't get around to quilting it and getting it bound until now.
I think I really had no idea how big this quilt was going to be.
This bad boy measures about 80x100! HUGE for me!
I tried something new in quilting it and tried my hand at grid quilting.
BIG BIG mistake to try this on a quilt so big! What was I thinking? Seriously?! I had never done anything like that before. Heck, I've only made a few actual quilts at all. I am totally new to this. My first really quilted quilt was given to my son's Kindergarten teacher this past June. So what's that? 3 months?
Anyway, I did it ala Amanda's tutorial, which is awesome, by the way. She makes everything look so easy! It probably would have been on a MUCH smaller quilt too!
She used painters tape to mark your lines. Very clever!
I will try this type of quilting again, but now I have learned from my mistakes and will hopefully not repeat them.
1. If I do a large quilt again, I will mark the top FIRST, all of it, so I can make sure that I have even lines all the way across.
2. I will start across the middle, instead of on a corner!
3. I will not rush it! I have real issues with rushing once I get to the end of a project. I just want to see it finished so badly and my mind is already straying to my next project I can start.
Anyway, here it is. I am happy overall. I can see the quilting mistakes, but I made it and we are always our own worst critics, right?
It is snuggly and full of crinkly goodness.
In the words of Jason and Grant from one of my favorite shows( Ghost Hunters) :
On to the next!
                                                 Laid out over a chair
                                              Close up
                                   Most of it. I could'nt get the whole quilt in one shot. It's that big.
                                                      Or maybe I'm just that short! Lol
                                      The back. All pieced from various prints from my stash.
                      I'm so happy that I did not have to buy one piece of fabric for this entire quilt!
                                                             All folded and snuggly 
                                                 Close up. Crinkly goodness. Yummmm     


April Pantall said...

What a beautiful quilt...I love the colors!! Great Job!

Crafty Mama said...

Thank you!