Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A few things

I haven't been posting, but I sure have been sewing. And sewing. I'll be posting all my finishes later this week, but for now:
I made this apron and chef's hat for my son's school play. He's playing Mr. Frosting, a baker ☺
I made one for my daughter too since I can never get away with one kid having something the other doesn't. LOL
I'd love for her to model it but I can't get her to stay still enough for a picture. She did break it in the other day baking cookies with me.
Here she is drafting a pattern with me though. She had to do it just like Mama :*)

And I started on this beauty, got most of the hst done. I just made up one whole block so I could make sure my blocks were good. Ask me how I learned this lesson the hard way!
You really want to know?
Are you sure?
Ok, here's my cut triangles for Julie's hexagon quilt along (link on my sidebar):
I cut enough for 5 strips sets, so 10 jelly roll strips of my beautiful Breath of Avignon.
And then I put them together to see how they look:
What's that you say, a hexagon doesn't have 7 sides?
Yep, I messed it up. Royally. I thought I had the perfect ruler. I was going to buy the one Julie suggested in her instructions, but my mom gave me a nice ruler set that looked perfect. It had the 4 1/2" markings I needed so I cut it all up. It was not a 60 degree triangle though. :-(
So now I need to add some strips from my stash and start over. I am using my big ol 6x24 ruler and they are perfect, but boy, would it have been easier to have the triangle ruler.
Word of the wise: Not all rulers are created equal! Check your pattern instructions.
Now for some cuteness:
My little sweeties will be 4 weeks old tomorrow. The kids soooo do not want to give them up, but they know we can't keep all of them. My mom is going to try to talk my dad into letting her keep the mama cat, and I'm trying to talk my dh into letting us keep one or two babies.
Her twin, Belle:
Mad Hatter, my son's favorite. The feeling is mutual. He runs to Jonathan every time he comes in the room.
Captain Jack (Sparrow) Doesn't he have just the cuteset little teddy bear face? I call him my little Ewok. You know from Star Wars? LOL
Be back later this week with finishes. I just need to get pics!
Right now I am trying to fly through making my cousin's baby quilt since she had her on Sat!
Have a great week!


gale said...

oh bummer on the hexagons. I would make a nice big potholder with them. The kitties are adorable and the kiddos are too.

Jackie said...

Oh my those kitties are way too cute!!

Dandelion Quilts said...

Look at Mr. Frosting...cute aprons! Oh your hexagons, I am sorry to say that I do similar quilting oopsies. I do like your block though...going to be a cool quilt. Who is it for?