Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My stash

Kelly and the charming girls and guys want to see stashes, so here we go!
                                              This is my main stash cabinet, organized by color with the exception of the bundle of Mill House Inn prints on the top left. I fold them all to the same size using a 6" ruler. It usually looks pretty neat and tidy but I can see I've been pawing through it, it looks like it needs to be redone.
2nd shelf holds fat quarters, scraps(that's the big duplo bin I stole from my kids,LOL), jelly rolls, charm packs, honey buns, layer cakes and recent purchases that I haven't sorted yet. This definitely needs some organizing too.

Notions are stored in smaller plastic bins, they have their own shelf but they never seem to stay where I put them, I always find them laying all over the floor. Hmmmm
                                            Stashed around the room at random spots are projects in progress:
I try to keep them separated by plastic bags.
This is the main basket I use for things I am currently working on. Ignore the blue charm packs, I don't know what I'm doing with those yet, but they are so pretty I want to use them for something, so they are sitting out right now.
You can also see part of a Gypsy Rose Layer Cake that is being used for "A La Mode" by Thimble Blossoms
And some patterns and rulers shoved on the side of my desk:
Well, there you have it. I can't believe I am actually going to post this for other people to see. How embarrassing. I am a messy quilter. I try to stay neat, and every once in awhile I go on a total cleaning streak, but it always ends up looking a mess again. Sigh.
Be thankful that I didn't take any wide shots. I would have just scared you. Trust me on this one. It's not pretty. LOL
Post your stash so we can all have some eye candy. I'm always looking for stash inspiration. And organization. I need it.

And for any of you who have been to a quilt festival please see my previous post. I'm dying to know what you think!


Anita in Florida said...

Love all your pictures...I've thought about the 6" ruler folding thing...but it just seems overwhelming for me. I, too, am a messy can you not be!! Thanks for sharing.

joan said...

Oh I think you have a gorgeous stash... and who has time to be perfectly organized when there is sewing to be done and enjoyed!!!!Thanks for sharing!

annieb said...

Looks pretty organized to me- it just can't stay perfectly neat, and we do need to caress our fabric once in awhile!

Michelle said...

You have a nice sized stash! And it looks pretty organized.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Drooling, drooling over here! Goodness, I heart your stash - and I think it looks really well organized! Can't wait to see the Zippity Doo Dah and Gypsy Rose projects - yum! Thanks for sharing with us!!!