Sunday, October 31, 2010

Charming Girl Finishes!

1. Work on my daughter's quilt- I finished it! Well, technically I started and finished a whole new quilt. I bought a Bliss jelly roll and when I saw it I just knew I had to make my little girly girl a quilt out of it. So here's Whirly Wheels Bliss:

                                            Here you can see the hidden pinwheels better.

                                                           pattern from Moda Bake Shop

2. Get blocks assembled into rows on my Christmas quilt.- DONE!
3. Keep up with exercising.- Eh, I can't say I totally bombed this one. I did try, but I've had a few little bouts of the sickies that knocked me out for a week or so. I did manage to lose 4 lbs so it's not a total loss. ☺

4. Make more geese for my Stella Blue quilt.- DONE! I don't have a pic of these yet, but I finished all the big geese and even started on the little ones too.  So that's 188 large geese done and 196 small geese just started. Whew!
Well, I'm off to bake some more Halloween cookies, then take the kiddos trick or treating so Hubby and I can be back in time for pizza with one of our fav shows: Ghost hunters-who are doing a a live show tonight on Syfy channel.

Happy Halloween everyone!!


Michelle said...

OMGosh! Your daughter's quilt is just tooooooo darn cute! It turned out...CUTE! LOL! I have that pattern on my list. OH! And your Christmas quilt - love it!...what pattern did you use?

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Oh Lisa - I just love both of your quilts! They're so pretty! What pattern did you use for the Christmas one? Gorgeous! Can't wait to see all those geese - and way to go on the losing weight! You had a great two months (smile)!